Your Guide To The Sydney Massage Scene

If you are new to the city and want to know all about how the erotic massage scene works in Sydney then read the rest of this page.

Sydney as you already know is located in the wonderful place of New South Wales in Eastern Australia. Around 4.3 million people live here and is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is also one of the best places on the planet for erotic massage therapies.

Massage Brothels are legal in Sydney and it is one of the few cities around the globe that has a liberal and laid back attitude towards adult entertainment.

Many of the massage girls in Sydney are local Aussies however there are many who have come here from Asia and Europe too. 

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Key areas in the city where you will find erotic masseuses

Brothels, massage agencies and independent masseuses can be found in all parts of the city. However there are some areas that have more than others and are considered the hot spots to go to.

The CBD, which stands for Central Business District, is home to many massage parlours and incall premises of sensual masseuses. Parramatta Road is a long road that stretches through the city and is considered the cities red light district, there are tons of brothers located here.

Take a look at The Sydney Massage Map to see on the map where all the providers are based.

Incalls and Outcalls

Many parlours, brothels, as well as massage agencies and independent will offer the services at their premises, these are know as incalls.

However many of these services will also provide mobile outcall services, which means the masseuse can come to your hotel for a personal massage in your hotel room and can come to your home too. Most services will charge more for outcalls to cover the cost of travel.

Brothels In Sydney

As mentioned before, brothels are legal in Sydney. In many other cities around the world you will find erotic masseuses work from behind close doors in private apartments and homes. This is still the case in Sydney too and you find many erotic massage providers who work from their own private places.

However, Sydney does have something which is quite unique in comparison and that is the legal brothels that are located across the city.

At these brothels you will find a range of services on offer including full sexual encounter as well erotic massage. The clubs are open to anyone and you can join as member.

Nearly all these places are safe, secure, reliable and provide their clientele with a fantastic experience. On their websites you will find the line up of all the girls who work at the establishment and you can either drop by unexpectedly or book an appointment prior to your visit.


Whether you visit a brother, go to a massage parlour or pop to an independent masseuses place for incall, we are sure you will have a great time.

Sydney is a fantastic city with lots to offer both residents and visitors. There are numerous attractions, great weather and lots of fun to be had. So if you are coming to the Sydney on a brief visit or you live here, we hope you enjoy this fine city and all it has to offer.


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