Introduction to Yoni Massage

There are many massage therapists, both male and female, that offer yoni massage in Sydney.

Yoni is the Sanskrit, and more pleasant sounding, name for the vulva.

Yoni massage is from the tantric box of tricks, practised by experienced practitioners to help women achieve their full orgasmic potential.

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The aim of a yoni massage is to provide relaxation and sensual pleasure. Let us explain how this is done...

The yoni is a highly sensitive but sadly overlooked area, full of nerve endings that are often bypassed en route to the vagina or clitoris.

Yoni massage is not necessarily undertaken to achieve orgasm, but rather to ‘unblock women’ who may be having difficulties reaching orgasm, or who feel that there is more sensation to be had from their sexual experiences.

To this end, women are paying hundreds of dollars to visit tantric practitioners or sex therapists to perform massages on them.

There is plenty of talk about negative emotions being trapped in the vagina, and of being cleansed, or being ‘opened’.

Whatever you believe about the psycho-therapeutic benefits reportedly brought about by yoni massage one thing is clear: it’s a neglected part of the female body and lavishing attention on it feels good!

To give a yoni massage you should first make sure that your partner is relaxed – perhaps by giving her a body massage first.

A yoni massage should be performed slowly: work your way in by paying attention to her inner thighs and mons pubis, then gently stroke the outer and then the inner labia, changing pressure and speed, communicating with your partner to find out what feels good.

Slowly inserting a finger into the vagina you may find hard areas – blockages. Stimulate them gently and then return to the labia; you are aiming for total relaxation and vaginal stimulation. A

n orgasm is not the main goal, although with practice and patience yoni massage can help women achieve longer and more intense orgasms.


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