Add a sexy strip tease to your massage session.

The best sensual massage sessions are the ones where the tension builds from the very beginning and explodes at the end.

A rather special way to begin your erotic massage is by having a masseuse perform a sexy strip tease. Many of the brothels in Sydney offer this experience, and it is something we certainly recommend you trying. It is a wonderful sight when you watch a gorgeous female slowly strip to the beat of some enticing sexy music. As she slowly removes her clothes bit by bit you feel the excitement grow in your mind and body. She will remove her jacket, jeans and top, to reveal a sexy body that will get your pulse racing.

A super sexy strip tease.

As she fully strips off to her bra and pants, and then slowly removes them, you will gaze in pure anticipation for what is to come. She move over to you and possibly sit your lap, as you feel her soft warm bum on your thighs, she will whisper into your ear. She will help you undress and then guide you to the shower to give you a sensual sexy body scrub. This will make you feel clean, and you will also feel rather aroused as she showers and cleans your body, including your most intimate zones. The session will then move onto the main event, your erotic body to body massage.

If the above sounds your type of thing then why not request a sexy strip tease as an addition to your erotic massage. It will certainly get you the mood for some real good sensual fun.

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