Prolonging The Excitement

Being able to master and control your orgasm will enhance the pleasure of a sensual massage.

It takes the average man two to three minutes to reach orgasmic delight. When enjoying the pleasurable touch of intimate tantric massage this speedy finish can quickly spoil your fun.

Prolonging excitement and climax pleasure heightens arousal and intimacy ecstasy, and is easy to achieve. When you quit chasing the orgasm you’re guaranteed an explosive finish.


Masturbation exposes the body to intimate touch that feels good, and also trains the body to orgasm faster. However, excessive masturbation results in over sensitivity and weakened ejaculation control.

Training yourself to control the reflex reaction of ejaculation teaches you how to find your ultimate point of pleasure, and how to delay this point of no return. You can also combine the classic Squeeze Method with breathing techniques and meditative practice that focus your efforts elsewhere.

Eyes Wide Open

Keeping your eyes open helps to establish a deep intimate connection. This technique requires some practice, as it’s surprisingly hard to do when you are enjoying an erotic full body massage and sensual stimulation. Instead of making it a rule, set the intention to use eye-to-eye contact as an excitement prolonging pleasure tool.

Conscious Touch

Being fully aware of the intimate touch, and intention, makes every tantalising tantric stroke count, and can dramatically increase your sexual stamina. Conscious touch can also be used during sensory exploration that includes touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

When you lose one sense your concentration enhances as you focus on the others. Stimulation of the senses extends erotic pleasure and delays orgasmic climax. This prolonged play delivers a finish that is always worth waiting for.