Why Massage Is The Best Type Of Foreplay

Erotic massage is the perfect way to get those sensual orgasmic feeling flowing.

All over a man's and woman's body are pressure points that when massaged will release tension held in the muscles and help the body relax so a slow and sensual massage is the perfect form or foreplay.

Let us tell you the best way to use this knowledge.

First of all, set the scene by dimming the lights and perhaps lighting a scented candle for a complete sensory experience and back this up with some chilled out music playing in the background. To increase erotic touch, use a massage oil such as sandlewood or grapeseed oil then start to cover your sexual partners body with the oil using circular movements, alternated with long gliding movements.

Sounds good doesn't it? Want to know happens next, then read on...

Start with the back and shoulders to unlock any tension before slowly sliding your hands down the body. To really tease your partner, have them naked, and you clothed at first but as they relax under your hands, take your clothes off and massage them with your oiled up naked body. Slide your torso up the front and back of their body, this will also be a visual turn on as they watch your nude form undulate and grind against their body.

Feeling hot under the collar? It is not over just yet.

Do not go straight for the genitals or bottom but massage around them, with perhaps the odd touch, as if by accident, this is guaranteed to arouse them and leave them wanting more. Once you feel as if your partner is turned on, then you can start to use stroking movements with your hands and grind your hips against their genitals, and while you are doing this you can lean in and whisper in their ear things like 'how does that feel, do you like it?', to help increase the sexual tension.

An erotic nude massage makes for great foreplay as it turns you and your partner on slowly leading to longer, more intense orgasms.