Face Massage In Sydney

Why A Face Massage Can Make You Look Younger

A facial massage is a relaxing and soothing aspect of any intimate massage session. The pleasurable light touch promotes a natural face-lift and many well-being and skin care benefits. Gentle face massage manipulation increases blood flow circulation and oxygenation to the skin, and gives any complexion a healthy, youthful glow.

Anti Ageing Benefits

Regular massage of the face is an important part of a good skin care regime. The more that facial muscles tense up, the more likely you are to develop wrinkles and lines. To really reap anti ageing benefits the facial massage should concentrate on the soft lines around the mouth, eyes and brows, and extend to the neck and décolletage area.

Normal to dry skin complexions can be comfortably massaged for up to 20 minutes. For oily and acne-prone skin 10 minutes max is sufficient. Soft tapping with the fingertips, gentle pinching motions, pressure point manipulation, and slow circular motions, all help to stimulate the skin and boost circulation.

Natural Face-lift

Just like other muscles, facial muscles require a regular workout to maintain optimal well-being. A facial massage is deeply relaxing and swiftly lulls you into a state of bliss, and should therefore always be incorporated into any erotic massage experience.

Facial massage increases the effectiveness of all facial treatments and skin care routines and products. This also improves the overall appearance of the skin. The facial manipulation techniques are a natural form of anti ageing that feels blissfully relaxing and indulgent, and makes you look years younger too!