Dark Tantra Explained

Welcome to the dark side.

You may be familiar with tantric massage but do you know about dark tantra? Dark tantra is when you combine erotic tantric massage with the world of kink and BDSM. Elements that make up a dark tantra massage for instance include bondage, spanking, whipping, biting and body worship. Whatever your particular kink, it can be included in a dark tantric massage.

Tantric massage, as you may already know by reading our tantric massage Sydney page, is a form of sensual massage that uses sexual energy to raise your consciousness using breathing techniques to control your sexual energy to have deeper more satisfying orgasms. A skilled dark tantra masseuse will use erotic movements such as running their finger tips over your entire body to awaken the sensual energy within, and combine this with spanking or bondage to increase and heighten every sensation in the body until you are crying out for release.

A great way to release your energy and any built up stress.

Tantra, from the Sanskrit word tan, means to expand and release trapped energy and awaken your kundalini, which is a store of sensual energy at the base of your spine. A dark tantra massage will consciously send energy throughout your whole body, to make the erotic experience last longer and turn into a full body sensual and spiritual encounter. This will teach you the skills you need to prolong your sexual energy and thus allow much longer and more fulfilling erotic experiences.

Your dark tantra massage will combine the stimulating effects of BDSM with lowering of stress as you learn to let go of all your tension, which will lower your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as giving you a prolonged and earth shuddering orgasm, dark tantra massage is the ultimate in erotic massage experience.