What is a foot fetish massage?

A foot fetish massage is a massage performed by feet!

This massage is for people who are stimulated by the sight of feet, and/or the sensation of feet on their body.

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Time for your foot fetish fantasy to begin

During a foot fetish massage an experienced – and dexterous – masseuse will expertly run her manicured feet all over your body, applying different motions and pressures: using the ball of her foot to apply pressure, and her toes to stimulate more delicate areas - if you have any special requests for the feet requested to perform your massage make sure that you say so before your session.

For example you may want your masseuse to wear stockings, or have unpainted toenails. You should also tell your masseuse if there is anything else that would help you relax and enjoy your session, such as blindfolds to help heighten the sense of touch.

A foot fetish massage is fun and flirty, but also incredibly erotic – there is something incredibly feminine about a well-kept girl foot ,and foot fetishism, or podophilia, is the most common fetish connected to the human body.

And a foot fetish massage isn’t just good for you!

There are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, so feet are incredibly sensitive. This means that your masseuse will be stimulating herself during your massage.

You could help by massaging the areas on your masseuse’s feet linked by reflexology to erogenous zones: the soles of the feet, the hollows beneath the ankle bones and the fleshy pad of the big toes.


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