If you love the feeling of a sensual masseuse giving you an erotic massage with two hands imaging what four hands would be like.

If you have ever had the pleasure of two sexy masseuses giving you a sensual massage at the same time you will know how special it feels. You will truly feel like a king as two females sooth your body with their hands.

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There is actually much more skill to this type of massage then you may think.

Let us explain why... 

Two masseuses have to work simultaneously to provide a unique therapy that really will stimulate all parts of your body, no where will go untouched when there are four hands roaming around your torso.  

If you ever watched the synchronised swimming at the Olympics you see how talented they are too be able to move in the same rhythm at the same time.

This type of stuff takes a lot of practise and it is no different for two erotic masseuses working in harmony.

So what exactly should you expect from an erotic four hands massage in Sydney?

Syndey is a great city to try this intimate and highly sensual massage experience due to the superb amount of masseuses working in the city.

The whole session will start off with the masseuses having you lay down on a massage table, mat or bed.

They will ask you to lay on your front and they will begin massaging your back, legs and feet. It start off being very similar to a traditional deep tissue massage, this is a great way to warm up the body and relax your muscles.

If you do any physical work this will be a real blessing.

They will move together, one working on your left side and the other masseuse on your right side. They will glide their hands down your back, bum and legs.

They will eve reach in between your legs at the same time to massage those inner thighs and will caress your intimate area from behind. This of course is just the warm, when you are asked to turnover the session will get even more special.

These talented masseuses will treat you like a king.

After turning over, so you are laying on your back the masseuses will work on your from. They will massage you neck, chest, thighs and legs.

When they glide to the top half of your thighs they will start getting closer and closer to your intimate areas.

One masseuse may even freestyle and start caressing your testicles and penis, while the other massages your chest and nipples.

From here the four hands massage gets even hotter. We will not go into further details about what happens at this point as it will spoil it for you.

There is nothing better than a nice surprise, so we very much advise you to go find out for your self. A four hands massage in Sydney is certainly something you must try.

You will feel very relieved and relaxed afterwards and will feel in a fantastic mood, this is a superb way to spend an hour or two away from your usual daily activities such as working or shopping for groceries.


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